Friday, February 17, 2006

Returning Of War Cases From The Hague Very Dangerous

Skopje, 16 Feb 06 (Radio Kosova) – By the request of the Macedonian authorities, the Minister of Justice Meri Mladenovska and Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte have agreed to return to Macedonia four war cases related to former NLA and which the Hague Tribunal did not proceed with until now. Albanian political parties in Macedonia considered this step as very dangerous for the future of the country.

BDI Vice President Rafiz Haliti said that the Macedonian state leadership intends to stain the just war of the NLA. President of PDSH Ilaz Halimi stated that the request to return these cases to Macedonia contradicts the Amnesty Law. He also said that the Hague Tribunal is the only body that is competent to decide about the war crimes, but not Macedonian institutions and courts.

The four cases, which are being requested to return to Macedonian court competencies, are linked to former NLA members for kidnapping of construction workers of Mavrovo firm, shutting down of Likova water dam and graveyard in Neproshten near Tetova. The Hague Tribunal has raised indictment only for the murder of ten Albanian civilians in Luboten near Skopje. Former Interior Minister Lube Boskovski and former Police Commander Johan Tashulovski were accused of this crime.


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