Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mustafaj Says No Border Guarantees Upon Division Of Kosovo

Tirana, 14 Mar 2006 (Makfax) - Albania cannot guarantee inviolability of borders with Macedonia and Kosovo if the Serbian province undergoes division, Albanian Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj said on Tuesday.

"Tirana stands ready for any contingency, and if Kosovo is divided, Albania could not guarantee inviolability of the borders", Mustafaj told Alsat TV station, as commenting the thesis of Kosovo-Albania merge upon granting province's independence.

"As soon as last October, I said in front of high officials in Brussels that if division of Kosovo takes place, Albania could no longer guarantee inviolability of borders with Kosovo, but with Albanian part of Macedonia as well", Mustafaj said in Alsat's TV program.

"We keep a close eye on the current developments, and I assure you, Albania would not be caught without contingency plan for any given situation", said the Albanian Minister.

In the same TV program, the Vice-President of DPA Menduh Thaci said "establishing an independent Kosovo and national identity of Kosovars raises the issue of the identity of Albanians living in Macedonia".

"I am against forming new identities. As we grow accustomed to the identity of Kosovars we will start forgetting that they are Albanians. Personally, I can accept that compromise, since 90 percent of Kosovo's citizens are Albanians and the official language in all institutions is the Albanian. However, such a move gives no answer as to what will be the identity of the Albanians living in Macedonia", said Thaci.


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