Monday, March 13, 2006

Reactions Of Kosovo Serbs On Ceku’s Election

Kosovska Mitrovica, 10 Mar 06 (Radio Srbija i Crna Gora) – Representatives of Kosovo Serbs negatively estimated election of former KLA commander Agim Ceku as a president of provincial government. Member of Belgrade negotiation team Goran Bogdanovic said that it could not be good prerson accised for war crimes to be head of the government. He estimated that certainly disturb Serbian-Albanian relations.

Vice-president of Serbian National Council of Central Kosovo Rada Trajkovic said, Ceku regardless of his problematic past, was chosen as a favorite of the of international community, which considers that he could control extremists in the province. Similar stance expressed leader of Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija Oliver Ivanovic, estimating that international community will demand from Ceku fulfillment of tasks of the plan of standards implementation in the province.


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