Tuesday, March 28, 2006

“Self-Determination” Asks UNMIK To Leave Kosova

27 Mar 06 (Zeri) – Activists of “Self-Determination” movement have flattened the tires of some UNMIK vehicles, while on the vehicles with UN plates the activists added letters F and D, with which comes out the inscription FUND, meaning the departure of UNMIK from Kosova. This act was realized in front of UNMIK office and the Police Regional Headquarters near the main bridge in the south of Mitrovica town.

Led by the leader of this movement, Albin Kurti, the activists later went in the direction of the market, while they were directed by KPS members, and they (activists) with a megaphone asked for them not to interrupt them . They said that they have in target UN vehicles and not KPS. KPS should be on the side of the people of Kosova.

The leader of this movement, Albin Kurti, on market day in Mitrovica, in front of Mitrovica people asked UNMIK to leave Kosova, and also accused the political leaders of Kosova, as he said, for deceiving the people of Kosova.

The deputy of the UNMIK police, Larry R. Miller, declared that there was no one arrested and also there has not been any incident during the acts done by the Self-Determination movement in Mitrovica.


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