Friday, February 17, 2006

There Are Secret Police Houses In Macedonia

16 Feb 06(Koha Ditore) – There are no secret prisons in Macedonia but secret Police houses, in which people are being sent for torture from which some get out and some don’t, declared the president of the Helsinki committee in Macedonia, Mirjana Najcevaska.

This declaration came after a debate in Macedonia and the European Council that a German of Lebanese origin, Kaled el Masri was kidnapped by the Macedonian police and after he was tortured for 20 days was given to the CIA.

El Masri in March 2006 will testify among the first witnesses of the commission of the European Parliament, which in public will investigate the possible existence of the secret prisons in some European countries including Macedonia, which are in service of the CIA.

After a request of the European Union about the El Masri case, Skopje authorities denied the claims of El Masri and his lawyer that he was kidnapped in Macedonia, kept for 20 days in some secret prison and then was given to the CIA.

We have only few secret prisons, we have worked in according to the principles of existence of secret houses, declared Najcevska.


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