Tuesday, March 21, 2006

El Masri demands clarifying of his abduction

The Article

The German with Lebanese lineage Khaled el-Masri and his lawyer Manfred Gnjidic demanded in Strasbourg on Monday thorough clarifying of the affair over El Masri's kidnapping, including the role of Macedonia, Radio Deutsche Welle - Macedonian language service reported.El Masri's testimony before the European Parliament's special committee included already known facts that 23 days after his apprehension by the Macedonian police on 31 December 2003, he was transferred to Afghanistan to be interrogated by US, and possibly German secret services over suspicions for his ties with islamic terrorists, before he was finally freed in May 2004.However, according to the members of the special committee, the testimony failed to offer any evidence to substantiate involvement of European authorities in the affair.The surprise came when El-Masri stated the Macedonian Police have given him a correct treatment, which contradicts his previous complaints of mistreatment......(continued)


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