Saturday, March 11, 2006

KFOR Ends Its Mission In Guarding Orthodox Churches

10 Mar 06 (Zeri) – The Orthodox Church in Kaçanik was abandoned last week by KFOR soldiers who were guarding this church since the end of the war in Kosova.

The church was guarded by the Polish – Ukrainian “White Eagle” soldiers which operate in MNB (E). KFOR sources confirmed that “KFOR withdraw its troops from the orthodox church last week at the order of the KFOR headquarters”.

KFOR withdrawal was also confirmed by KPS officials for Gjilan region. KPS regional spokesman, Agim Demiri said that KFOR withdrawal from the church was done by a mutual agreement, according to which KFOR doesn’t guard these objects any more.

He said that KPS took over the responsibility to guard the religious temples, adding that KPS won’t guard this orthodox temple non stop but it will be monitored by KPS patrol. The Orthodox Church wasn’t even touched during the March riots in 2004.


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