Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Attack On Checkpoint Near Bujanovac

Bujanovac, 06 Mar 06 (B92) – Unknown assailants conducted an attack on the safety-control police checkpoint “Konculj” which is on the administrative line with Kosovo.

Announcements claims that the attack was conducted on Sunday, around 19:10. Nobody was injured and the police did not return the fire directed at them.

The attack was conducted from an area near the elementary school of “29th of November” which is on the edge of the Albanian village of Konculj. The straight line distance between the assailants and police checkpoint was 600 meters. Bullets fell 10 to 15 meters short of the police buildings.

The crime scene investigation was conducted by the Vranje police and they are undertaking intensive measures to find the assailants. (Beta)


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