Wednesday, March 08, 2006

S1 Ivanovic: We Will Talk With Ceku If He Calls Us

Pristina, 6 Mar (Beta) – Leader of Serbian List for Kosovo and Metohija (SLKM) Oliver Ivanovic stated today that members of the List have not met with Kosovo Prime Minister designate Agim Ceku on the forming of a new government, adding that members of SLKM will meet Ceku if he calls them to a meeting.

“We do care to be a part of the cooperation process, but I am not sure if we could accept any eventual offer, because this is a very delicate moment for us”, said Ivanovic to the ‘Beta’ news agency.

Ivanovic noted that members of the List are fully aware that if they want to do something for the Serbian community, than that should be done through the institutions, “which motivates them to do what is needed even in this situation”.

Leader of the Serbian List announced a meeting of the SLKM by the end of this week, at which this issue will be discussed.

Ivanovic had a meeting with UNMIK Søren Jessen Petersen in Pristina today, at which they had talks about Kosovo status, especially decentralization and the new government.

“We will try to give our contribution to Belgrade and Pristina teams. To the Pristina team we will coordinate with our information on our ideas, stances and ideas passed to UNMIK, and to the Belgrade team through our representatives, which are included and written proposals, which we will send to them”, said Ivanovic.


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