Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mufti Saqipi: Bridge Between Serbia And Kosovo

Bujanovac, 06 Mar 06 (Danas) – Vranje Eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Islamic religious community from Bujanovac, Preshevo, and Medvedja, formed a joint non-government organization, through which they plan to invest in joint projects in the region of South Serbia.

Mufti Nexhmedin Saqipi, president of the Islamic religious community from those three municipalities, said this act “is very normal for the worshipers, regardless how unreal it may sound to some”. Saqipi said that Vranje Eparchy and the Islamic religious community have decided to apply for funds from international donors with the goal of building a printing facility which would be under joint custody.

Father Vlada Milutinovic, secretary of the Vranje Eparchy, said that Vranje Eparchy conducted a couple of contacts with Islamic community in Bujanovac and Mufti Saqipi.

“Because of everything that happened to us, Bujanovac has to be a true bridge between Serbia and Kosovo. Lessons we learned, obligate local Serbs, Albanians, and Romas, that they serve the peace, and be a model for cooperation for all people of goodwill,” added mufti Saqipi.


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