Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ceku: I Will Cooperate With Belgrade, Too

Podgorica, 3 Mar 06 (Beta) - The candidate for Kosovo's new premier, Agim Ceku, said that he will cooperate with everyone in the region, including the government in Belgrade.

"I will cooperate with everyone, but how [the authorities in] Belgrade will react is up to them," Ceku told the Podgorica daily Dan on March 4.

Ceku, who until now was the commander of the Kosovo Protection Corps, told Kosovo's Serbs that they need not fear his election as premier.

"I will try as best I can to solve the issues of Serbs," he said and added that he will need both the support of the international community and the "willingness of Serbs in Kosovo to accept what they are offered" to achieve that goal.


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