Saturday, April 01, 2006

Djuric: We Will Demand Canton If Kosovo Becomes Independent

Belgrade, 29 Mar 06 (Danas) – Participants of the round table “Roma and Kosovo” appealed for the determination of truth of the Roma position and for the international community to determine the precise strategy on return, the position of the Roma in Kosovo and to provide them equal participation in the talks about future status of Kosovo.

Rajko Djuric President of the Roma PEN Center announced that Roma will demand their own canton if Kosovo becomes independent.

“Every option which does not have a multiethnic character, would be catastrophic for Roma and other ethnic minority members in Kosovo and Metohija”, says Djuric.

He added he categorically opposes Kosovo independence and asked what is the goal and on what behalf is it established. Djuric noted this is the concept of Greater Serbia, which was a fiasco. He asked if it is “because of the idea of Greater Serbia, that Greater Albania should be created”.

Djuric concluded that return to Kosovo under the current conditions is just an illusion and nonsense, adding that conditions for sustainable and quality return should be created for development of multiethnic society in Kosovo and Metohija.


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