Thursday, April 06, 2006

Serbian Police Confiscates 15 Kilos Of Marihuana At The Border Crossing With Kosova

April 1, 2006 (Koha Ditore) – Serbian Police confiscated 15 kilos of marihuana in Merdar border crossing, which is the administrative border between Serbia and Kosova.
Marihuana was found during a routine police control check, in the trunk of the bus which travels from Dragash to Belgrade, and escorted by KPS on its way to Kosova.

The bus, where the narcotics were found, is the property of “Adio Trans” from Vladiqin Hani. A source of the newspaper in the police station emphasizes that these Serbian convoys are controlled by no one during and on their way to Kosova.

“They get in and out, just like in Hani i Dilit, nobody controls them. It is possible that everything can be transported”, emphasizes the source.

Meanwhile, official sources from police were not ready to say whether the Serbian convoys that transport Serbians in Kosova, are controlled or not.

“For this issue you will get an answer on Monday”, said the information officer from KPS, Sabrie Kamberi.


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