Monday, April 10, 2006

Turkish police break PKK cell

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ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Turkish police have broken a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) cell and have arrested nine suspects, according to Istanbul Governor Muammer Guler. He said police seized almost 8kg of plastic explosives, as well as equipment to make bombs and fake ID cards, during the raid Friday (7 April). Media reports Saturday said police have also arrested a PKK member suspected of last summer's bombing in the Kusadisi resort, which killed five people and injured 13.

Meanwhile, Turkish security forces have killed seven Kurdish militants in clashes in the southeast of the country. Five of the victims were involved in an earlier ambush in which five soldiers died. The authorities also reported that two police officers, one of them a lieutenant-colonel, were killed by a landmine in the province of Elazig. ( - 09/04/06; Turks.US, BBC News - 08/04/06; NTV, AFP, BBC - 07/04/06) increment Count('setimes/newsbriefs/2006/04/09/nb-10','setimes','en_GB');


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