Thursday, April 20, 2006

UNHCR and WHO to displace Serbs

The Article

20 April 06

BELGRADE -- Kosovo Serbs officials claim that the UNHCR and WHO plan on forcing Serbs out of the region. At a press conference, Milan Ivanovic and Marko Jaksic said that the UNHCR and the World Health Organisation in Denmark are preparing a plan for relocating 40,000 Kosovo Serbs to Central Serbia, once the final status is decided. The UNHCR denied the claims. Jaksic said that Kosovo Serbs will not accept being relocated to Serbia, but will rather stand in front of the embassy and ask for visas for relocating to countries of Western Europe and the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia-Herzegovina, where they will ask for the rights of a constituted community. Commenting the “announcement of relocating and adapting” Kosovo Serbs to Central Serbia, Jaksic said that with ethnic cleansing and institutional pressure, everything is being done to create one “monstrous Albanian nation in the Balkans.”.........(continued)..............


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