Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another bomb in Novi Pazar

April 18, 2006 B92

Novi Pazar (FoNet)NOVI PAZAR -- A bomb exploded last night in the backyard of Sandzak Party President Fevzija Muric. Muric said that no one was injured but that slight damage was done to his and his neighbour’s home. “At about 12:10 am, a bomb exploded in the yard of my home. No one was injured or located near the bomb at the time of the explosion.” Muric said, adding that according to the police, the explosive device was similar to the one made and thrown in front of the Municipal Building one week ago. This is the second bombing attack in Novi Pazar since the Serbian Government decided to disband the Municipal Parliament in which Rasim Ljajic’s Sandzak Democratic Party and Muric’s party had the majority.


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