Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Former UNMIK Spokesperson Leader Of Criminal Organization

Prishtina, 08 Mar 06 (Balkan Web) – The PDK President Hashim Thaçi made fierce accusations against the former UNMIK spokesperson, Simon Haselock and the Kosova Government of having ties with criminal organizations. In an interview to the daily Kosova Sot, Thaçi stated that Haselock is one of the leaders of a criminal organization operating in Kosova, which is being financed by the current government.

“You can see the current situation in Kosova. We have a catastrophic power supply situation. The current Ministry has not managed to create policies that would provide power to the citizens of Kosova. This ministry is not the Ministry of Energy, but the Ministry of Darkness. Different regions in Kosova have stayed and still stay 12 hours without power. This was and is political punishment for the disobedience of the citizens in relation to the current ruling coalition. The privatization process is privatized by the current authorities. Double and punishing standards are being applied in the privatization process. Unfortunately, several UNMIK officials are involved in these negative phenomena. One of them is the former UNMIK Spokesperson Simon Haselock. Now, he is one of the leaders of a criminal organization in Kosova. He is being financed by the current government and receiving 90 thousand euros a month,” said Thaçi.


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