Monday, April 10, 2006

Selimi: TMK Fulfills All Conditions For Becoming Kosova's Army

06 Apr 06 (Epoka e Re) – TMK commander, Gen. Sylejman Selimi, declared on Wednesday that the TMK as an organization fulfills all conditions in becoming an army, but according to him TMK’s future depends on the status solution.

In the interview for BETA news agency, Selimi said that “TMK is an institution for all Kosova citizens, regardless of their nationality, always ready and capable to defend their interests”.

In their composition TMK has 3,000 active and 2,000 reserve troops. “In the many activities that we had in the mixed municipalities, and in the places where only the minorities live there was an outstanding level of cooperation between the residents and TMK, even though in the beginning it was different but it changed during the activities” said the TMK commander.

According to Gen. Selimi, at the moment in the TMK are 6.2% representatives of the minorities, including Serbs, Bosnians, Turks, Ashkali, Romas, Egyptians, Croats, Muslims and Gorans. Gen. Selimi emphasized that there are 44 Serbs, 35 Turks, 34 Ashkali, 13 Croats, 25 Bosnians, 16 Muslims and 14 Roma.

He said that the number of the minorities in the TMK is constantly increasing and that next week they will review 30 requests of which 15 are Serbs. The Serbian candidates who want to join the TMK are under Belgrade’s pressure not to join the TMK, said Selimi.

“It they join the TMK they have to face a huge amount pressure calling on them to quit. That’s why we had differences within the Serbian members who couldn’t face these pressures and quit the TMK” said Selimi.


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