Tuesday, April 11, 2006

RS organised crime prosecutors could start operations in June

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BANJA LUKA, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- Republika Srpska's (RS) new special prosecutors for organised crime and grave economic crimes could begin operations in June, according to RS Justice Minister Omer Visic. In an interview in Monday's (10 April) edition of Nezavisne novine, Visic said that if the newly adopted law, which provides for the launch of special court and prosecutorial departments to process organised crime and war crimes cases, is promulgated in the Official Gazette by 15 April, the units can open 15 days later. That in turn would clear the way for proceedings in May, which could lead to the launch of probes in June, he explained.

In other news, BiH Human Rights and Refugees Minister Mirsad Kebo criticised the Federation of BiH (FBiH) government Sunday for failing to respond to his inquiry regarding Sarajevo Serbs missing since the BiH conflict. Kebo told reporters that he sent a letter on 17 March to FBiH Prime Minister Ahmet Hadzipasic, requesting information about activities undertaken by the entity government to establish the fate of the missing, but has received no answer thus far. (Nezavisne novine, Dnevni avaz - 10/04/06; RTRS - 09/04/06)



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