Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jovanovic: Serbia To Recognize Kosova Independence

10 Apr 06 (Epoka e Re) – The Former Prime Minister and current Leader of Serb opposition, Cedomir Jovanovic asked Serbia to recognize Kosova independence. “This is a good chance to take off our historical chains that are dragging us down and to create a civilized Serbia. Serbia can no longer govern Kosova” stated Jovanovic for Belgrade daily newspaper “Danas”.

Former deputy of the murdered Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, currently President of Liberal-Democratic Party, has proposed a constitutional contract between Kosova and Serbia, which will recognize the sovereignty of Kosova, and through which the Serb minority should have a veto for every amendment in constitution.

“Serbs should have the same rights in Education, Justice, Police and a guaranteed number of Serb representatives in Parliament. Till the day when these requests are fulfilled, Kosova must have a conditional independence”, stated the President of Liberal-Democratic Party for “Danas”.

He declared that the current Governors of Belgrade are still under the trap of nationalism for a “Greater Serbia” and accuses them for holding back the development of Serbia through their “false patriotism”. LDP Leader stated that Serbia will only have benefits through Kosova independence, adding that Kostunica and Tadic have to stop bluffing their nation.

The recognition of Kosova independence by Serbia will possibly make a better constitutional situation for Serbs in Kosova. Based on this, the key for Albanians and Serbs agreement is clear: “First, the recognition of Kosova independence by Serbia, and Second the recognition of Serbs’ status in Kosova by the Albanians”.

Asked what he thinks about virtual sovereignty towards Kosova, on which the Serbian Policy is insisting, Jovanovic answered: “When Kostunica and Tadic talk about sovereignty, they talk from “Garasinin’s Necertanije” point of view.

When they talk about the protection of Serbs’ national interests, they talk about the protection of territory and not people. Because of this wrong Policy, we have paid our bills in Croatia and Bosnia”.

“It is absolutely clear that since 1999 Kosova is independent from Serbia, and Serbia can have influence in Kosova issues only through an agreement with the International Union”. At this point, Jovanovic stated that his Party is ready to take over responsibility, due to their approval for independent Kosova.

Jovanovic names the Vienna negotiations as a “Political Farce”, which represents a dialogue between deaf people. In the second part of 2006, the international community will submit a document to Belgrade and Prishtina, in which the IC will guarantee a qualitative perspective of Kosova, instead of the current frustrating situation.

This will be the formula “Take it, or leave it”, in which case the Albanian team has no reason to give up from such a thing, while our politicians have too many personal interests to give up on such a solution, because the approval from their side would have been an introduction in Serbia redefinition, which is a premise for creation of modern Serbia, where they have nothing to look for, because their vision for Serbia belongs to the vision of 19th Century.


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