Friday, February 17, 2006

Slogans In Albanian Written In Serb Part Of Orahovac

Orahovac, 16 Feb 06 (BETA) - Slogans in the Albanian language were discovered in the morning of Feb. 16 on walls of several Serb houses in the Serb part of Orahovac, saying "Vetevendosje" (Self-Determination) and "Fund UNMIKU" (End to UNMIK), stated the Info Service of Kosovo and Metohija.

Local Serbs believe the slogans were written during the night, most probably by members of the Albanian Self-Determination organization led by Albin Kurti, who have been writing similar slogans throughout Kosovo. The slogans have caused serious concern of the remaining Serb population in Orahovac, who said that "they were quite certainly not intended for UNMIK, but for the Serbs."

"In the politically sensitive situation in Kosovo and Metohija, such provocation is causing fear among the Serbs and concern over their remaining in this area," the Serbs from Orahovac said.

Around 350 Serbs have remained in Orahovac, living in the Serb part of the town near the Church of the Assumption.


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