Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gendarmerie In Bases On Administrative Line

Belgrade, 18 Mar 06 (Politika) – Border police of Serbian police, which took responsibility for securing the state border of Serbia with Hungary and Romania, and planned takeover of borders with Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, will not take responsibility over the administrative line with Kosmet, because that is not a state border, says Dusan Zlokas, head of the administration of border police of Serbian police.

Although securing of the borders with Macedonia and Albania are in the hands of KFOR and UNMIK, since June 1999, those two international forces recently started cooperation with their counterparts from the border police of Serbia.

“We have warned them of a large number of illegal immigrants, which are coming to Kosovo from every part of the world, without control, through Pristina airport, and through central Serbia attempting to reach the European Union countries. The number of Albanian citizens is increasing among them, who enter Kosovo without any problem. Only last year, of a total number of 1,076 immigrants discovered by Serbian police, 330 were from Albania”, explains Zlokas.

Serbia and Montenegro Army troops established excellent cooperation with KFOR members, even joint patrols are organized. Our soldiers and international force soldiers are patrolling the administrative line and meet at the previously determined points. Engagement of Serbia and Montenegro army in the security land zone costs around 300 million Dinars, which is six percent of annual planned spending.


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