Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kosovo Preparing Army

Belgrade, 21 Mar 06 (Glas Javnosti) – Sylejman Selimi, also known as “Sultan”, who is one of the founders and heads of the KLA, is already seen among Kosovo Albanians as the first commander of the future Kosovo army. On the 13th of March, Selimi replaced the current Premier Agim Ceku at the position of commander of Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC).

Last year’s Prishtina plans for transforming KPC into an army are more and more becoming a topic of discussion. There are already plans according to which in the beginning the army would have 2,005 members, which would symbolize the year in which the plan was formed. According to this plan, gendarmerie and honor guards, which appeared at the burial of Ibrahim Rugova, and troops providing public peace and safety, would come out of the KPC.

Not so long ago when he was KPC commander Agim Ceku, was looked at as the first commander of the Kosovo Army. Back in May of 1999, Ceku was named head of the KLA headquarters over Selimi. Selimi became famous among his countrymen for the crimes he committed against Serbs in Drenica, where among other things he ran the concentration camps.


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