Tuesday, March 21, 2006

American Military Camp “Monteith” In Gjilan Won’t Be Closed

20 March 06 (Bota Sot) – The Commander of the American KFOR battalion “Alamo”, Maj. Olivo, declared that the American military camp “Monteith” won’t be close and it will function just like before, regardless of some transfers that are happening recently in the camp.

Maj. Olivo stated that these activities can be considered flexible relocations within the American KFOR, and the citizens should not be concerned. He declared that this camp won’t be closed, and our soldiers will be there in the future as well.

“In spite of the fact that the transfers have happened, the military camp in Gjilan will function and our soldiers will continue with patrols, like they do now, emphasizing again that KFOR will stay in Kosova and will be ready to intervene at any time, and any place.

Maj. Olivo’s concern is that due to these relocations from Camp “Monteith”, there will be a high employee reduction and many employees will remain without jobs. Regarding the security situation in Vitia municipality, Commander Olivo declared for “Bota Sot” that the security situation in this municipality is quiet, without any violations.


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