Friday, March 24, 2006

Local Authorities Break Into Local Military

Bujanovac, 23 Mar. 06 (B92) – Heads of the local authorities in Bujanovac took over offices of the local military section and territorial defense last night. Employees at the military office and territorial defense in Bujanovac this morning could not enter their offices. On an order issued by president of Bujanovac municipality Nagip Arifi, locks on entrance doors were changed overnight, confirmed employees.

Colonels Petar Jovanovic and Zlatan Stanojkovic were at the spot, because the offices are under their command. Jovanovic stated to the press that everything was done by the order of Nagip Arifi, and he tried to talk with local authorities high officials.

Colonel Jovanovic said that he informed his superiors from the local command in Nis about this case. B92 journalist Radoman Iric also tried to contact Nagip Arifi, President of municipal assembly Sevdail Hiseni or Emurlah Ljutviju head of the municipal administration, but his attempts were also unsuccessful.


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