Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bosnians and Muslims support independence

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12:34 -> 17:20 March 20 Beta

PODGORICA -- Monday - Deputy Speaker of the Montenegrin Parliament, Rifat Rastoder, said that Bosnians and Muslims living in Montenegro will vote for independence. Rastoder said that all recent surveys show that Bosnians and Muslims, as well as the collective public, are prepared to confirm the already shown political maturity and wisdom of the Montenegrin citizens.

“They will not miss the opportunity to, for the first time in its history of existence in this region, participate in a democratically founded state in which they have been living and participating in for centuries now.” Rastoder said. He said that the rumours that Montenegrin independence will lead to divisions within the Bosnia-Muslim community in Montenegro are completely untrue. “We are not talking about creating new borders. It is about redefining state relations on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, this time, in what’s left of it, Serbia and Montenegro.” Rastoder said.


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