Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vittrup: Some People Want To Destabilize Situation In Kosova

21 Mar 06 (Koha Ditore) – “Some people want to destabilize the situation in Kosova, but the police will ensure that such things will not happen in the future” emphasized UNMIK Police Commissioner Kai Vittrup, commenting about the two explosive devices that were found on Sunday evening and Monday morning in the center of Prishtina.

“Certainly this is a big concern for the police, and I believe for the rest of the people. We will do anything possible to prevent such things. The behavior of these anti-democratic terrorists is not acceptable. They deserve only one thing, prison”. Declared Vittrup during his visit made yesterday at TMK headquarters.

Commenting on these two cases, the Director of Criminal Police Directorate of Kosova, Col. Rrahman Sylejmani declared that there are no indications that these two cases are related.
“The initial information does not give any indication that these two cases are related, although that does not mean that in the further investigations the results won’t be different.


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