Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Reason To Arrest Ceku

Vienna, 21 Mar 06 (B92) - The Austrian Justice Ministry said that there are no warrants in the possession of the Austrian authorities that would call for an arrest of Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku.

The warrant which the Serbia-Montenegro Government has issued for Ceku’s arrest, according to Austrian officials, has no jurisdiction in Austria.

“Serbia-Montenegro did not give us the needed warrants for arresting Ceku, nor did it offer the needed evidence.” an official of the Austrian Justice Ministry said.

The Belgrade Government issued a warrant for the arrest of Ceku for suspected war crimes activity.Ceku has since then escaped arrest twice already; once in Ljubljana and once in Budapest. Both times, UNMIK officials were called on to take care of the matter and Ceku was freed very shortly afterwards. (Beta)


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