Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ceku Denies All Allegations

The Article

Belgrade, 22 Mar 06 (B92) - Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku said that he has never committed or ordered war crimes and that his conscience is clean.
He said that war was imposed on the Albanians in Kosovo and that he did what he had to do to protect his homeland.

“And I am proud of that. If Belgrade claims differently, that does not mean anything to me.” Ceku said, answering to Belgrade’s allegations that he was involved in war crimes activity.
Ceku accused Belgrade of misusing the Serbian minority in Kosovo in order to gain control of Kosovo.

“Changes are needed as far as the situation of the Serbian minority is concerned. The Serbian Government is stopping them from participating in Kosovo’s political life. Because of this, we must improve communication with the Serbian minority. We have to encourage their political leaders to cooperate with the institutions and take responsibility for the fact that Pristina, not Belgrade, is their capital city.” Ceku said.

Speaking about the Kosovo status discussions, Ceku said that he is very happy with the performance of the Pristina team thus far.

“I am very pleased that the discussions have begun, and we are trying, within the guidelines implemented by UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari and his team, to work cooperatively.” Ceku said.
He said that a compromise with the Serbian side is possible, but it will depend on the steps taken by the UN negotiators, adding that the Kosovo Albanians do not see any solution other than independence as a viable one.

“Independence is not supposed to take place after five or ten years, but immediately after the discussion process.” Ceku said. (FoNet)


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