Friday, March 24, 2006

Petersen asks for disregard of Serbian indictments

The Article

PRISTINA -- 24 March 06Thursday - UNMIK chief Soren Jessen-Petersen is urging international community to disregard Interpol’s warrant for the arrest of Kosovo PM Agim Ceku. A letter that was brought to the notice of AP news agency reportedly cites Petersen as saying that UNMIK does not admit the validity of the warrants against Agim Ceku and Hasim Taqi. AP did not specify who was the recipient of the letter, but reveals the UNMIK chief’s assertion that the UN had jurisdiction over Kosovo and that the warrants against Ceku and Taqi were violating this principle......(continued)......


In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, Jessen-Petersen cited the U.N.'s sole legal jurisdiction over Kosovo and said that Serbia's warrants against Ceku and Hashim Thaci, another senior former rebel leader-turned-politican, "breaches this principle." Jessen-Petersen knows who Ceku and Thaci's protectors are. If the UN tangles with CIA "assets," the UN will lose their "legal jurisdiction" in Kosovo really fast.


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