Thursday, April 06, 2006

Halimi: Bad Situation In South Serbia

Presevo, 03 Apr 2006 (B92) – Riza Halimi’s Party for Democratic Action (PDD), the most influential party of Albanians in the municipalities of Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac, evaluated the situation in Presevo valley is very tense. They pointed out this is not just because of the recent protest gatherings of the Albanian in Bujanovac, but because of the general dissatisfaction over the socio-economic and political positions of the Albanians in this region.

“It is clear that the past political processes have not achieved the desired results, above all because of the lack of readiness of the current government in tackling complex problems of Albanian in this region,” states the announcement issues by the PDD.

This political party also evaluates that last year’s reconstruction of the Coordination Center was unsuccessful because the government was not ready to allow the Albanian representatives which were at the same time representatives of local authorities, to be fully involved in the work of this state institution.

This political party estimates that “all factors including government, international community, and Albanian representatives need to intensify their efforts with the goal of fully implementing the government program for resolving the crises in municipalities of Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac. It is also necessary that all governing institutions become more responsible in resolving the positions of the Albanians in this region”. (FoNet)


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