Thursday, April 06, 2006

No Negotiations with Serbia

01 April 2006 (Lajm) – The leaders of Organization for National Unity (OBK) will protest in “Skanderbeg” town squire, on April 3d, against negotiations with Serbia.

Former member of LKÇK General Council, Agron Xhemajli who’s currently member of OBK stated for “Lajm” that with these negotiations Kosova’s destiny is becoming a marketplace.
“The people of Kosova have the right to decide on their destiny. There’s no need to negotiate with Serbia for our own country. The continuation of these negotiations with Serbia is in absolute contradiction with people’s interests and rights”.

He hopes that people will join the protest on April 3d, to give a clear message to politicians that they shouldn’t negotiate on Kosova’s destiny.


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