Friday, March 03, 2006


The Macedonian Information Agency reports:

"...One person was killed, while another was injured in an action for detaining three perpetrators of heavy crime acts in Skopje village Kondovo, Ministry of Interior spokesman Goran Pavlovski said at Thursday's press conference.

Enver Xhaferi (27) was killed, while Fatmir Ljuri (24) was injured when policemen were forced to defend themselves. The three persons, among whom Albanian national Sokol Gega (31) opened fire from an abandoned house in Kondovo.

There are no injured policemen in the action, while Gega has been detained.

Asked about the current situation in Kondovo, Pavlovski said that the situation was under control, with ongoing on site investigation. "This action is directed at an isolated group of perpetrators. Kondovo villagers and all Macedonian citizens will realize that the activity involves a criminal group, regardless of the ethnic belonging", he added."

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

USA stands behind Kosovo, Russia is behind us: Interview of South Ossetian speaker Znaur Gassiyev to REGNUM

REGNUM: Taking into account recent developments (decision of the Georgian parliament to replace peacekeeping corps in the conflict zone), how high is the possibility of coercive settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict?

An attempt to settle the conflict is probable in case “the war party” wins in Tbilisi. It means, if Georgian President Saakashvili lets aggressively incited politicians (Okruashvili – Defense Minister, Merabishvili – Interior Minister etc.) push himself around. It would be a gross mistake. Military way does not bring about a solution. Probably, someone might seem that Georgia and South Ossetia’s proportions and power are incommensurable, but no one should be mistaken. As for statements made by some Georgian politicians, who are about to declare a war against Russia, they do not correspond with a common sense at all. Everything is possible on Earth, but I personally think that Georgia will not resort to war.

REGNUM: What should be Russian response to the decision of the Georgian parliament on withdrawal of the peacekeepers from the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone?

Politics is a thing, which external manifestations can mislead. Often it consists of throwing dust in somebody’s eyes. In this case, the authors of the resolution are trying to show their courage. The Adjarian variant and then the fact that they achieved withdrawal of the Russian military bases even before Russia planned it have turned their heads. Now they have acquired taste for it, they want South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and they claim for withdrawal of the peacekeepers. But Georgia plays the peacekeepers’ card very clumsy. Withdrawal “from dictation” is impossible. Russia keeps its mediators here lawfully, in accordance to all the procedures of the international law. In this case, Russia cannot ignore the opinion of the South Ossetian population, most of which are Russian citizens. Russians protect Russians under the request of the latter. I cannot answer for Russia, but even common moral norms would let Russia go away from here.

REGNUM: What parallels can be set between Kosovo and South Ossetia deriving from a possibility that Kosovo independence can be recognized? .........

If you recognize Kosovo, recognize Transdnestr too

On February 28, in Tiraspol “Breakthrough” International Youth Corporation published an official statement to international youth organizations and mass media, as a REGNUM correspondent informs.

The statement says, that the organization will organize an HQ to conduct mass meetings with slogan “If you recognize Kosovo, recognize Transdnestr too!”, because, according to the statement “Transdnestr youth is always ready to fight for its independence and freedom.”
The Breakthrough addresses all non-governmental organization, asking to conduct “non-stop meeting, protest actions, conferences,” and other events dedicated to international recognition of Transdnestr, condemning of double standards policy and overcome of informational, political and economical blockade of the republic.

According to “Breakthrough” their slogan: “If you recognize Kosovo, recognize Transdnestr too!” is the most effective in current situation, because the idea of Kosovo scenario universality already received support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and CIS social activists, and now the organization plans to receive support form progressive society of Western Europe. Do receive it, “Breakthrough” will demonstrate the world its readiness to actions, dedicated to its freedom.

Because of this, the Breakthrough organizes headquarters to conduct mass meetings with slogan “If you recognize Kosovo, recognize Transdnestr too!” and proposes all forces of Transdnestr to join their actions, and support Transdnestr independence.

Kosovo PM Kosumi quits under pressure

By Shaban Buza

PRISTINA, Serbia-Montenegro (Reuters) -

Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi resigned on Wednesday following international criticism that he had failed to do enough to create a multi-ethnic state as the province seeks independence.

Citing the need to preserve a coalition majority and the cooperation of Kosovo's Western backers, Kosumi told reporters: "I find the correct and ethical action is to resign from the post of prime minister."

Kosumi, 45, handed in his resignation to President Fatmir Sejdiu after word leaked that he no longer had the confidence of his own Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) party.
Kosumi was also criticized for ineptness by other members of Kosovo's ruling ethnic Albanian coalition and Western mentor states shepherding the Serbian province through talks that could lead to its independence later this year.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan criticized the Kosumi government in a January report for not doing enough to meet democratic standards set by the U.N. for the creation of a just and smoothly functioning multi-ethnic society.

Political sources said Kosumi's resignation was the "result of pressure" following a round of meetings with Western envoys earlier in the week, including the United States.
He is expected to be succeeded by Agim Ceku, a former senior commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) who now heads the Kosovo Protection Force, the civil emergency unit set up to absorb former rebel fighters.

"Agim Ceku has been offered the post of prime minister and is going to say he accepts at a press conference this afternoon," a source close to Ceku said.

Kosumi was elected by the Albanian-dominated Kosovo parliament a year ago when then-Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was indicted on war crimes charges by the United Nations tribunal in Kosumi was elected by the Albanian-dominated Kosovo parliament a year ago when then-Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was indicted on war crimes charges by the United Nations tribunal in The Hague. Political sources said the ruling coalition was very unhappy with Kosumi's performance, his perceived lack of leadership and inefficiency. They pointed out that two cabinet posts, for the interior and justice portfolios, had still not been filled three months after they were created by the province's administration.

The West wants Kosovo's status resolved this year and is impatient with any unnecessary delays. Kosumi quit just as he was due to meet visiting United Nations special envoy Marrti Ahtisaari, the former Finnish president charged with mediating Kosovo status talks with Belgrade.