Monday, March 27, 2006

Rice: You Will Have The Support Of The American People

Belgrade, 25 Mar 06 (Danas) – Unknown people threatened to kill Fatos Bitici, who for some years now has been seeking justice for the killings of his brothers which were murdered in Petrovo Selo in 1999.

Bitici told “Danas” that unidentified people send phone threats saying they will kill him if he comes to Serbia.

“They said “we will kill you if you come to Serbia. We know you have intentions to such a thing”. I informed the Prizren police, the US embassy in Belgrade, the foundation for humanitarian rights, and the people in the Special war crimes court, about this, said Bitici.

He is unaware of how these people obtained his phone number, but presumes that this was not hard considering that ex high officials of the Serbian state security and interior ministry were aware of the killings of his three brothers. According to Bitici, the case on the killings of his brothers was proclaimed a state secret. Some of the people involved in this crime still hold high positions in the Serbian interior ministry. Fatos Bitici says he will come to Belgrade in spite of the threats.


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