Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time’s Up, 12:44 UNMIK Go Home

03 Apr 2006 (Epoka e Re) – Dozens of Self Determination! Activists on Saturday had an action in Gjilan where they wrote “Time’s up 12:44 UNMIK go home” slogan on the internationals’ vehicles which were parked in the UNMIK parking lot.

According to the movement representatives the action was a success, adding that activists from Prishtina, Mitrovica and Dardana took part in this action.

According to them, their targets were the white UNMIK vehicles, which were parked in the UNMIK parking lot on “Bulevari I Pavarsise” road in Gjilan.

Through a communiqué the Self Determination! Activists reacted to the violent behavior of some international police officers, whom they say were too brutal towards the activists and especially towards, Blerim Zeka, who is from Prishtina.

“Not only that they were violent and brutal but they also insulted and humiliated the Self Determination! Activists” stated the communiqué released by Self Determination! Movement.


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